The D-Word

Documentary: Thirty years ago the now well known learning disability called dyslexia was virtually unknown. Children with dyslexia were grossly misunderstood and often labeled “slow.” This compelling personal film offers a glimpse into the lives of three people who have discovered how to be adult dyslexics living in a non-dyslexic world. The D Word was screened at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences to an audience of 3,000.

Susan E. Brown, Director/Producer
Paul D. Haddad & Steven Smith, Editors
Laura C. Arciero & Stuart Hanna, Cinematography
Kyusuk Lee & Bryan MacQuarrie, Sound Recording/Mixing
Phil Sklar, Production Manager
Megan Dills, Composer
Robin Brown- Friedel, Titles
Mia Mazza, Transcription